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. and this week's radio address, president obama and congresswoman susan brooks talked about needing to reduce the national debt. the president emphasized investing in programs that enable economic recovery. susan brooks urged democrats to pass a budget. >> hi, everyone. we face some important decisions about how to put down our debt in a way that grows our economy and create good jobs. the decision that will make a real difference in the strength of our recovery. we began with economists and business leaders saying that we are poised to grow. there are signs of progress. car sales are at a five year high. manufacturing is coming back. businesses created 2.2 million jobs last year. we have learned that our economy created more jobs in the last few months that economists are originally thought. this week we also received the first testament of the economic growth over the last a few months. it reminded us that bad decisions in washington can get in the way of economic rugrats. we agree -- economic progress. we agree that we cannot cut our way to prosperity. it has not worked in the past and it
, a brave young woman. only 15 years old. that does it for me. brooke baldwin is continuing with "cnn newsroom." >>> winter to spring, in a matter of hours you'll hear the real reason behind this wild weather. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. nightmare on the school bus. we'll take you inside the hostage situation involving a child and an underground bunker. >>> plus, deja vu. >> what we're talking about is a weapon crafted for war. >> honest people use a gun in this country to defend themselves from criminals the system will not control. >> from the '90s to now. two familiar opponents, once again, battle over guns. >>> and the most expensive home for sale in america has a very famous neighbor. we'll take you inside. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> hi, everybody. i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with this breaking news. several states right now on alert as storms are ripping across the country with a lot of video to get to. i want to begin in georgia where we are getting reports that people are trapped inside their homes after this tornado touched down. watch this. >> tornado rig
of the brookings institution, an assistant secretary of state for president clinton and also the author of "bending history, barack obama's foreign policy." i got to take part in a conversation of big bets, black swans, a presidential briefing where you and the team at brookings write about both some of the real dangers in foreign policy as well as some areas where the president can make an impact if he so chooses. there's a lot to digest including the fact a new secretary of state is going to be presumably confirmed by the senate, john kerry. and yet in the financial times as we do this interview it is hillary clinton and the questions she faced about the death of our ambassador and others in benghazi and her warning to an administration and her successor in the financial times headlines about mali. clinton fears a new haven. does he anticipate for north africa in a way he couldn't have anticipated when he comes into office is now unstable, think about tunisia, egypt, libya. and there's a great deal of potential for an al qaeda 3.0 to really take root and become a major problem for this administra
'm brooke baldwin. let's begin with this breaking news. several states right now on alert as storms are ripping across the country with a lot of video to get to. i want to begin in georgia where we are getting reports that people are trapped inside their homes after this tornado touched down. watch this. >> tornado right near downtown cartersville slashing toward i-25. a tornado on the ground in adairsville. you can see to the right of the funnel, some of the debris coming up. this is a quarter mile from our location here on highway 41. >> this tornado here you're looking at leveled a small home, flipped over some ten cars, one person died there after a building collapsed and a man, we're also told, was killed in nashville, tennessee, where a tree fell on his home. you're looking here -- look at the colors, the warnings, we're going to talk to chad maiers in a minute. i want to talk to miguel marquez, he's 60 miles north of atlanta. miguel, we saw the picture here of this tornado. tell me what you're seeing on the ground right now. >> a wide swath of damage through adairsville, it l
. that's it for me. brooke baldwin, take it away. >>> during this show, we'll find out if the dow closes at an all-time high. but, it may not mean a thing for our economy. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> a prosecutor gunned down in a parking lot. and now a warning. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching. we're going to find you. we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, and we're going to bring you back. >>> plus, live during this hour, you'll see hillary clinton say good-bye in her last moments as america's top diplomat. >>> and super bowl bets. will alicia keys get booed? will jay-z join his wife at halftime. in vegas, it is all up for grabs. >>> here we go. top of the hour. happy friday to you. i'm brooke baldwin. something is happening today that hasn't happened in more than five years. it is great news for a lot of you, of course, saving for retirement or to save a child for college, for example. the stock market is soaring to levels we really haven't seen since 2007 which is all the way back there. checking out the big board with me, it has been
and assistants make about $34,000. that does it for me. brooke baldwin continues with cnn newsroom. >>> tonight, cnn holds a town hall on guns in america. you are about to get a preview of the questions everyone is asking. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> please make the right decision on behalf of newtown. >> a doctor who tried to save lives after the sandy hook massacre joins parents to beg for change. plus, cash, prostitutes and a raid. a powerful senator facing serious accusations involving sex. and live during this hour, beyonce and the saga over her lip synching. her super bowl news conference. >> here we go with thursday. i'm brooke baldwin. a manhunt in texas after a person dedicated to fighting crime becomes the victim of a shooting. the prosecutor was fatally shot outside this courthouse here. this is kaufman, texas. to give you the lay of the land, this is about 30 miles southeast of dallas. the search is on right now for two gunmen. cnn is tracking the developments here on this one and let's start from scratch with me. what do we know? >> the kaufman county sheriff's office t
. that does it for me. "cnn newsroom" continues with brooke baldwin. >>> in just a couple of minutes, a group of senators from both sides of the aisle set to announce a compromise on immigration. but one of the questions is, will it mesh with the president's announcement that will come tomorrow? i'm brooke baldwin. just in to cnn, a sudden about face from the boy scouts of america. we are now getting word that the group may drop the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. chris lawrence, straight to you here, which obviously this would be a huge reversal. to be clear, this is not a done deal. what do you know? >> brooke, it is big news. it potentially has the possibility of affecting hundreds of thousands of families all across america. cub scouts, boy scouts, and their parents. scout leaders, everyone would be affected by this change in policy, if it goes through. here is some background. cnn has been going back and forth with the national organization on some other issues, and we just learned basically that they are considering reversing that ban and opening up the national organization to the
, this is one of the great comeback stories of this year's super bowl. woodbridge native ahmad brooks has gone from the number one ranked high school player and to the nfl scrap heap, and now he's back on top. it's been a long winding road full of legal potholes and tragedy. in high school, no one was better. he was the national defensive player of the years, he then went to the university of virginia, but was kicked off the team for drug use. a two-year stint with the bengals included an assault charge, ending with brooks getting waived. four years later, brooks' story is one of redeposition. he's blossomed into a key member of the 49ers defense with a fat new $45 minute oncrest andries advisories of experience. >> it definitely makes me appreciate t i thought i knew all the answers, but i didn't. i just tend to mold myself as an individual, and just try to grow as much as possible, not continue to do the things that brought me down, but do thing to build me up and make me a better person. >> reporter: terry brooks played in two super bowls during hi seven seasons with the redskins, giving hi
nagucci, if you'd like to start off. i know a number of people will be speaking, nadia, joe, brook and john. so, john, why don't you go ahead. >> thank you, supervisor. good morning, chair farrell, supervisor mar, supervisor avalos. i'm from the convention facilities. get the slide. >> sfgtv -- >> thank you. today we have three separate except but related items you'll be asked to act on today. an order authorizing the issuance of cops, supplemental appropriation for cops and resolution finding fiscal feasibility. joining me today are joe president and ceo of the san francisco travel association. joe will talk briefly about the need to expand the moscone center. next brook, dpw senior project manager, will go through the project scope sequencing fiscal and feasibility. nadia, [speaker not understood], will go through financing cop issuance. i'll come back and briefly review the schedule and wrap up today's presentation. thank you again for your valuable time and continued support as we move through this important project through the legislative process. i would now like to introduce
again commissioners. eric brooks. my clock started at two minutes and 15 secondses. can i get that adjusted? thank you. so eric brooks san francisco breen party and local grass-roots organization "our city". i wanted to speak to the issue that counsel miller raised yes as to how we're going to do the build out there have been consider contentions shall we say in recent meetings and hammering that out and getting that right, and i won't go into details about all of that, but the main thing i would like to impress on the lafco commissioners is that there's been a new development in this dialogue that looks to be pretty problematic, and that is you know two years ago we the advocates and the lafco staff and other staff began work on earnest work for a build out and that model depends large numbers for the most part small local renewable instalations, efficiency installations. most importantly behind the meter in customer's property and what that is about is -- it means it's after the meter that pg&e has on the house so what you're doing by doing small diverse local installati
i don't already know. >> brooke: then do something about it. >> liam: [ scoffs ] i will. >> brooke: when? steffy's back from paris, and she's gonna be here any moment. i know you and hope have been spending time together and you've gotten a lot closer. let me ask you something. do you love my daughter any less than you did when you married her in italy? >> liam: no. >> brooke: okay. well, that should tell you something. you were robbed. you were lied to, both of you. but now that is in the past, and you can make a fresh start. you're not tied to steffy in any way. just let her go. >> taylor: i felt something. >> steffy: mom, come on. i've only been pregnant for a minute. >> taylor: how's your morning sickness? >> steffy: mm. comes and goes. >> taylor: you're telling liam tonight? >> steffy: that's the plan. so, uh, thomas vice president -- when did that
. brooks said lots of jobs for san francisco residents, so i would like the commission to send a strong message that for puc staff to work with the local power to develop the best cca that is possible. thank you. >> thank you very much. and next speaker please. >> good afternoon folks. alwine from the clean energy alliance and i have the great opportunity to be chairing those stakeholder meetings that take place, fairly contentious of recent time. i wanted to address two questions quickly. one is a question of the rates and the high rates that i think everybody concerned about it at roll out time which according to the proposals that have been put before the rate fairness board are roughly somewhere depending on your tier between 18 and 30% above current bills, and it's really important that we feel, the advocates, and the commission itself feels to really lower those rates and i wanted to say we encourage every effort to do that. that the proposal you're putting forward supervisor campos would not make a huge difference in those rates. i mean looking at the numbers is that the ra
with the rates and not just with she'll. >>> thank you. >> eric brooks? he is now deferring to jest during ban acronym. >> thank you very much aim conservation organizer with the san francisco bay bay club and i'm here to represent the bay area. this is the first time i have seen this clean -- air water proposal and i just wanted to respond to this quickly, the way that this lays out the build-out program it basically says after the she'll contract. then we will start initiating the build out program and the she'll contract it also states in the she'll contract is a four and-a-half year bridge to a long-term diversified portfolio and so the way that i see she'll contract is a temp bridge to get from point a to b and so if we say let's put up in temporary bridge and wait until the life of that temporary bridge is gone has not going to work and so we need to put up the she'll contract for four and-a-half years and then start building our permanent bridge so when that life span is over we can let everyone cross the bridge to a clean future. so that is just i wanted to mention that because
announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ ♪ >> katie: thank you for coming. >> brooke: of course. i'm glad you called. i was worried. >> katie: [ sighs ] you went through all that trouble and i stormed off. >> brooke: i understand. >> katie: i thought bill and i were on the same page about his drinking, but apparently we weren't. i was upset, and he was upset, but bill told me that you were there for him and that you talked to him, and i'm guessing you said something that calmed him down and made him come home. i just wanted to thank you for always being there for us. [ birds chirping ]
linebacker brooks who had been -- injury concern for san ran is brooks. again, less than 48 hours. almost time to play some football and it is not soon enough. don't forget that a 7:00 super bowl special tonight on cbs 5. >> all right. thank you, dennis. >>> all right. check that. when the 49ers do come home with their six championship, authorities in san francisco are ready to handle the fans no patter what. cbs 5 reporter linda yee shows us they are trying to learn from the giants celebration. >> reporter: they did learn some very big lessons. if the 49ers do win this sunday, the mission here, one of many hot spots around the city where fans love to celebrate in the streets, but the cops say they are putting trouble makers on notice. >> restaurants and bars are gearing up and the city is getting down to buzz to prevent violence sunday night -- business to prevent violence sunday night. >> we have many officers preassigned to certain places, certainly the mission, north beach, the marina. >> merchants appreciate the police presence, but liquor store
: peter brook is here, his work as a director has helped shape modern theater over the last 70 years. he grew famous by paring down shakespeare to its human essence. brooks experimental theater group has performed for royalty and he has lived in paris since 1970. now he's brought his latest work to the brooklyn academy of music. it's a play set in apartheid south africa called "the suit." here's a look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life ♪ you know how i feel ♪ ♪ it's a new day, it's a new dawn, it's a new life for me ♪ >> rose: i'm pleased to have peter brook back. thank you for coming. it's great to see you. let me talk about a suit. >> rose: sure. >> you performed it in paris? >> originally. >> rose: what attracted to you to it? >> what attracted me to it was that we had a long, long working connection with africa on many levels and particularly with south africa and this story came out of a young black writer of enormous talent who was in the end denied permission to have his works published. can you imagine a more cruel thing to do. so -- th
waste. but some skeptics don' believe it. >> brown: plus, mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> sreenivasan: a federal appeals court rejected several recess appointments made by president oba last year, saying the moves were unconstitutional. the president appointed three people to the national labor relations board last january. the president argued he was justified in doing so because the senate was away for a 20-day break. but republicans and business groups said the senate was still technically in sess
in the last four years. ray suarez examines her legacy. >> woodruff: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> brown: and we close with a preview of sunday's big game. npr's mike pesca joins us from new orleans, site of super bowl xlvii. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newour has been proded by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> is program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: for the second time in five months, a u.s. diplomatic post has been the target of a deadly assault. a suicide bomber detonated a vest with explosives outside the u.s. embassy in ankara, turkey, today, killing himself and a security guard. the white house descr
, david brooks in "the new york times" responded with this, it is probably futile to change republicans, it is probably smarter to build a new wing of the republican party. the new republican party that david brooks envisions, one that can compete in the midwest, the east coast states, and the upper midwest. that would be filled with people who re-coiled over president obama's success, but who don't share the absolute anti-government story of the current gop. this is really the only chance republicans have. joining me now is howard fineman, the editorial director of "the huffington post." howard, it sounds like david brook s is talking about the republican party of oh, i don't know, about 20 years ago, when they did indeed have new england senators, oregon republican senators, exactly that geographic description of where he would like to see republicans succeed. >> well, it is my sad duty to inform david that theodore roosevelt is dead, nelson rockefeller is dead, and yes, even richard nixon is dead. this republican party, he can attach whatever wings he wants to, i read his article car
making it. >> leave -- letting yourself set goals for yourself. >> reporter: line backer ahmad brooks and isaac told a usa today sports reporter they didn't realize the purpose behind a video me made last august was to fight bullying against gay, lesbian, and by sexual teens. now the video has been pulled from the it gets better campaign website. brooks said he knew it was an antibullying video but not an antigay rights thing. >> someone would have told them. >> reporter: you think they should come out and speak out in support of it? >> they should come out and speak out. support teens and you know it's a big deal. >> reporter: no matter if they are gay or straight. >> of course. >> reporter: now when you look at the video, brooks and sow pa have short clips. the words gay and lesbian are never used. perhaps someone never told them the specifics of the video. san francisco was the first nfl team to take part in the it gets better campaign. coming up you will hear from one of the players. we are live in daly city i'm tara moriarty. >> and our live team coverage of the 49ers and the sup
islamist rebels in mali; zero waste in san francisco; and shields and brooks. but first, the other news of the day. here's kwame holman. >> holman: president obama chose his long-time foreign policy advisor denis mcdonough to be the new white house chief of staff. mr. obama made the announcement this afternoon. he lauded mcdonough, and told him, "i know you'll always give it to me straight, as only a friend can." mcdonough will take over from jack lew, who's been nominated to replace timothy geithner as the next treasury secretary. today was geithner's last day, after four years on the job. in a final interview, he said he's hopeful the economy will strengthen this year. the defense department has begun eliminating the jobs of all 46,000 temporary civilian employees at the pentagon. the announcement today said it's a response to mandatory, across- the-board spending cuts. they're scheduled to take effect march 1, unless congress comes up with alternative cuts. without changes, hundreds of thousands of full-time civilian employees will face furloughs and reduced paychecks by april. the g
' announcer renel brooks moon. >> what's up everybody? hello san francisco giants fans. [cheers and applause] how are you doing? this is so nice. we had to do it twice; right? thank you all for coming out today. and ladies and gentlemen it is my honor to welcome you to the official city celebration honoring your 2012 world series champions san francisco giants. now, as we gather together as a community today to celebrate this joyous occasion we do want to take a moment first to recognize those impacted by hurricane sandy and mourn the lives loft from this disaster. of course the giants share a deep history with new york and our prayers go out to everyone on the east coast affected by this disaster and the red cross in those regions they really need our help everybody and we encourage you to donate for the relief fund at red cross .org and the giants players are going to make donations and the giants' organization is going to match the donations by the employers. just think everybody here today and 1 dollar from all of us. that can really help and donate at red cross .org and we thank yo
was at the brookings institution on monday where he discussed u.s. strategy in afghanistan and his newly published memoir. this is an hour and a half. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to brookings. thank you very much for coming out on this particular day. although it's an unusual treat with such an amazing events of general stan mcchrystal are today. i'm mike o'hanlon, one of the members of the 21st century center for security and intelligence. we are hosting this event with bruce riedel who runs the intelligence project within our center. and today's topic, as you know, is general mcchrystal's experience, particularly of the joint special operations command where, for five years, essentially lived in iraq most of the time and build an organization that was already an impressive organization into what was the state-of-the-art capability. it led not to our top of today but the tracking and ultimate killing of the al qaeda terrorist al-zarqawi. but even to me the procedures that led to define and killing of bin laden a couple of years later. so the success of joint special operations command is o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 265 (some duplicates have been removed)